August 15, 2017

Dear Parents/Grandparents/Guardians of St. Benedict’s Church Youth,

We are excited to let you know that Sunday School will resume September 10, 2017.  As in previous years, we will continue with the same format this year with Sunday School taking place during the 10:30 a.m. service from approximately 10:45 – 11:20. We will gather together just before the First Reading begins during the service and teachers will lead students to the classroom. Our teachers this year are Johannah Renfroe teaching the elementary and middle school students, ages 4-12 twice per month.  We will also have a rotating group of second teachers for the younger cohort.  David Metzler and Johannah Renfroe will teach the Youth Bible Study for students 12+ once per month.

Sunday School, Ages 5-12

This year we will introduce “Build a Bible Book” where the youth will create their own bound book and will fill it each week with mementos, pictures, text, writings and stickers that demonstrate the lesson of week.  We will cover key Bible stories, the Lord’s Prayer, a meal prayer, and key symbols of the church.  This will be an interactive adventure for kids and adults alike!

Youth Bible Study

In Youth Bible Study, we will also engage in a year-long “Build a Bible Book” and it will focus on the Teachings of Jesus. We will write and discuss about the lectionary readings and spend time diving deeper into key lessons of the year.  We will also invite the Youth to provide some guidance to us teachers on where the lessons for the year should take us.  They always have such good ideas!

As always, parents are welcome to join any class and participate.  We will also open the classrooms to any member of the congregation who would like to lead a lesson and possibly add a page to the “Build a Books”!  If you have an idea, please speak to Johannah Renfroe.  A sign-up sheets will be posted soon!

All adults interested in participating in a youth class are encouraged to participate in an upcoming Safeguarding God’s Children workshop. Details are TBD.

Lastly, at this time we will not be offering Sunday School or Youth Bible Study from January 21 – March due to my maternity leave.  We will make an effort to identify a substitute teacher for this time period, so if this schedule changes, we will email you and tell you about the change in church.

Please see the Sunday School Schedule on page 2 of this letter (or as the second attachment of this email).  If you have any questions about the plan for the 2017-18 school year, please email Johannah Renfroe at

For God’s Kids,

Johannah Renfroe

Sunday School Coordinator - Johannah Renfroe -