Hospitality Guilds

The St. Benedict community is intentional in its desire to be welcoming to all who enter.  To serve that purpose and to make sure that everyone has a chance to connect with a small group for prayer and support, we changed how we greet, usher and act as coffee hosts.  Guilds have been created to combine all three service functions for Sunday worship.  All persons attending St. Benedict are invited to become a member of a guild so no one is left out or alone.

The first purpose of our hospitality guilds is to provide intentional and heartfelt welcome to all who enter our doors, be it out of town visitors, first time guests, infrequent attendees, or regular members. 
The second purpose is to provide a way for everyone to experience the joy of a small, caring community within the larger body through the connection of prayer and service. 

The guilds are St. Columba lead by Peggy Carmichael, St. Catherine lead by Lisa and Paul Cadero-Smith, St. Elizabeth lead by Kristin Bishopp, St. Cecilia lead by Karen Knudson, St. Ephrem lead by Caroline Madden and St. Martha lead by Nancy Zabel.  Jolene Phelps is hospitality coordinator, Spencer Daniels acts as kitchen coordinator, and Lucy Reuter is our kitchen angel.  Guilds are scheduled to serve every six weeks with leaders guiding their guild into prayer and service.

It's a wonderful way to get to know our church family and each other. We pray together and support our team members in our daily life.  

For more information or to be welcomed into a guild contact Caroline Madden