Commitment to our fellow members and visitors to St. Benedict

We promise to maintain our status as members in good standing in this church and community. 

We will be ever mindful of how much Episcopal traditions advantage the world and enrich the soul and personally commit to spreading that knowledge.

We promise to leave the church’s affairs better than we found them.

We promise to actively listen to your thoughts, concerns and suggestions on how to make St. Benedict a thriving community that lives up to its potential to be the hands of Christ in Lacey.

We promise to live our Baptismal Covenant with you as equals and not assume our office affords any status other than as temporary stewards.

Commitment to each other

We promise to work with one another in fellowship and cooperation to the best interests of our church.  We do so by observing the following habits of thought and deed:


  • By listening

  • By promptness and attendance

  • Keeping confidentialities

Accepting the mantle of leadership

  • Taking personal responsibility for the churches resources

  • Taking personal responsibility for the welfare of its parishioners

  • Supporting consensus

Being good stewards of the St. Benedict tradition of word and work

  • Consistently volunteering for difficult work and difficult decisions.

  • Safeguarding all of God’s children against pain, fear and injustice.

  • Being the spokesperson and example for our faith in any forum we find ourselves in.

Commitment to the Diocese

We promise to abide by the Constitution and Canons adopted by the Diocese of Olympia

We promise to behave as brothers and sisters in Christ to articulate and exemplify the word of our church and our faith to the community.

We promise to leave St. Benedict church better than we found it.

We promise to actively participate with the Diocesan community of churches in our collective ministries as articulated by our Bishop.