How to Help Mississippi Raid Victims


Wednesday, ICE ripped apart hundreds of families in Mississippi. It was the first day of school in many of the cities raided, and many kids returned to empty homes to discover their parents had been swept up in raids. The Trump administration’s years-long practice of separating children from their parents — both at the border wall and within the country — was on full display in Mississippi. We reject outright these racist immigration policies and President Trump’s xenophobic, anti-immigrant comments.

Thanks to donors like you, RAICES is in a position to help.

As part of the National Bail Fund Network, we work with bond funds around the country to end the violent practices and harmful effects of immigrant apprehension and detention. Our Bond Fund is primarily geared towards covering bonds for people who are detained in or heading to Texas. But we also have funds set aside for people who don’t fall within our geographic scope, and your support has helped us pay for over 400 bonds so far this year.

In light of this terrifying attack on our community, we can’t sit idly by as more children are separated from their parents. We’re opening up our bond fund to individuals and families affected by the raids in Mississippi who might be in need of financial support towards bond.

Donate to our bond fund today to help those affected by workplace raids.

We are working closely with organizations on the ground in Mississippi, and we are accepting referrals from those organizations to help those that have been detained as a part of the ICE raids there. You can also support those affected in Mississippi by donating to this group fund.

We are in a unique position to help those affected by the raids, because of the ongoing generosity of supporters like you. Please stand with these families in Mississippi, RAICES, and the many organizations helping by making a donation today. With your help, we will continue to reunite families.

In solidarity,

Nathan Roter
Bond Fund Program Director, RAICES