Social Justice Survey Results

During July an opportunity was presented for members to say what they thought of the Social Justice topics and presenters which have taken place at SBC. Responses could have been anonymous. I am sharing what was received in response to that request.

Five persons responded. In common among these few responses was people’s interest in housing and homelessness, as well as immigrant challenges.

One person was opposed to churches who harbor illegal persons to avoid deportation.
One couple responded that they do not attend Social Justice ministry presentations, being protective of their time on Sunday mornings, though generally support the concepts.
Comments about the role of SJ within their faith in action:

  • One cited that social justice is a concept of fair and just relations between the individual and society.

  • SJ is central to my faith. I try to live out the commandment of loving my neighbor, including as my neighbor those who are different from me.

  • It’s opened my eyes on several issues and given me several volunteer options. Now I need to go beyond donations.

In recent months, SBC has had presentations about CIELO (organization assisting immigrant families); AIDNW (organization assisting individuals and families at the NW Immigrant Detention Center; Economic Pressure for Justice in Palestine; Housing & Tiny Homes; Justice not Jails. Do not overlook that weekly there is new information on the SJ bulletin in the community hall. Information rotates through, such as about troubled youth, Lacey food bank, Meaningful Movies on challenging topics with discussions; Pear Blossom Family Shelter, Community Care Center, Interfaith Works newsletter and activities and flyers about upcoming rallies.