Information from Interfaith Works meeting on May 21, 2019

May 21 was the annual mtg of Interfaith Works.  Kathy Baros Friedt has been attending the IFW Program Council meetings on behalf of SBC.  But now SBC will have even greater involvement because both Karen Fraser and Christine Rasmussen-Barsanti have been selected as members of the IFW Board of Directors! Good news!   At the meeting Meg Martin, IFW Homeless and Shelter Manager,  talked about the development of a new 24/7 shelter facility and 50 units of permanent supportive housing for the most vulnerable homeless. This is planned for 2828 Martin Way, Lacey. She reviewed a 4 stage campaign to build and fund this project. Other topics covered at the meeting were: planning for an Interfaith Vigil and Festival for Peace on Saturday Sept 21 (UN International Day of Peace);  and an IFW group to work on an emergency safety plan to respond to what has been an increasing pattern of violence against faith structures and communities. Faith communities are also invited to attend the annual IFW Garden Party.  This is a time to appreciate volunteers that are critical to the IFW work. June 20 5:30 at St. John’s Episcopal Church. Social Justice Budget will cover the cost of individuals who want to attend this event.  Some materials from the mtg will be shared with the BC.