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Bishop's Committee
Vicar's Warden - Dan Renfroe
People's Warden - Collie Liska
Gretchen O'Connor
Bob Knudson
Nancy Zabel
Paul Seabert
Jeff Zahir
Patti Ruby
Doretha Mowrey

Pastoral Care
Tony Irving and Trisha Shaw

Delegates to the Episcopal Convention
Mark Caldwell
Gretchen O'Connor
Mike Akin
Mary Michael Garlichs

Website Team    

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The Rev. Ed Lovelady

Associate Priest
The Rev. Dr. John Van Eenwyk

The Rev. Tony Irving


Don LaFord
Fran Frodsham

Office Volunteer
Larry Frodsham

Nursery Attendant
Susan Upton

St. Benedict mailing address
PO Box 3811
Lacey, WA  98509

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