Update on our petition to become a parish (Parish Organization Meeting on August 11th at 9:15 am)

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Word from the diocese is that our petition to become a parish is moving along with support from our bishop and other diocesan leaders.  The petition goes before the diocesan standing committee and with their approval we will file a resolution to present to diocesan convention on Nov 8 & 9, 2019.

We will have a Parish Organization Meeting on August 11th at 9:15 am; meeting in the Nave and following the format of an Annual Meeting.  This meeting is to affirm and document that we have clergy and lay leaders elected to the positions required by church canons and that they will continue to serve in those roles with new titles (rector, vestry) and under the canons governing a parish.  You will be asked to vote to affirm our leadership and that we intend to take our place in the diocese as a Parish.

This is a formal and canonical meeting, with the minutes and other documents to be provided to the diocese.  We hope all active members of St. Benedict's will participate - mark your calendar!