Pear Blossom Place: How we can support the children in the center

Don’t wait for Christmas! 

Each time we make a delivery to the family shelter—Pear Blossom Place --- they express their appreciation of SBC’s steady offerings!  We will keep the basket on the foyer ongoing.  But I recently asked how we could specifically support the children in the shelter.  There are twenty! Mostly babies to 9. Here is the updated request!

“Needs for our kiddos at shelter... new socks and underwear are always needed. As we approach colder weather we need warm hats, gloves, scarves for adults and kiddos. Books are always needed to restock our bookshelves. 

We always need toys at shelter. We prefer non character based ones (so we try to avoid Disney/Cartoon characters etc) whenever possible. We have a play kitchen that probably always needs a bit of replenishing, larger blocks (rather than small legos), games, small child puzzles (the ones that have max 12 pieces-- wooden ones last much longer than the cardboard type). Dolls, doll clothing. Infant/toddler toys that don't require batteries are good- the worst is when the batteries die! 

Thank you and sending love!!”    Questions?