Our Social Justice Outreach

Recently, St. Benedict's Bishop's Committee supported some much needed repairs to the Salvation Army Community Kitchen. There was a request to the Interfaith Works group for support to this critical resource to the homeless and needy folks in the greater Olympia area.    They serve 12,000 meals per month which is ~145,000 meals annually. 

However, the kitchen itself is badly deteriorating. The microwave is broken beyond repair and has been hauled off. The ice machine is also dead. Two of the deep sinks leak water onto the floor. The thermostat does not work in the warming oven. The dishwasher does not have a water pre-heater so you have to trick it to get the water up to a sanitary temp. The seal on the walk-in cooler is shot so warm air leaks in and cool air leaks out. One of the dining tables is broken. The light in the walk-in freezer does not work properly.   We provided $1500 from our Outreach Fund – we are all about feeding the hungry!   
We learned this week that St. Mike's matched the $1500 from St. Benedict's!  So the contribution from St. Benedict's has doubled! How wonderful when a gift grows! They commit to sharing progress made to repair/refurbish the Community Kitchen.   Lessons in interfaith collaboration, charity and abundance!

For more information See Our SOCIAL JUSTICE tab at the top of the page or contact Kathy Baros Friedt.