Being part of the Diocese of Olympia Legal Defense Fund

Members of St Benedict’s have joined St. John’s and others in the community to actively support immigrant rights in various ways.  Twice a month the Strengthening Sanctuary group meets at St. Johns, and several of us from these two churches are active members of the group

The Diocese has had a Legal Defense fund which was established by Bishop Rickel earlier this year. It has been available to any congregation in the Diocese.  In fact several months ago, at the request of Strengthening Sanctuary, R.C. advocated for financial assistance from the Diocese Legal Defense Fund for an undocumented woman’s rent and some legal expenses. Recently Bishop Rickel called for additional donations, as the fund has become dangerously low. Over this last year, St. John’s has donated $2500 from their outreach funds. Social Justice from SBC will be asking for $500 to be provided to the Diocesan Legal Defense fund at the Tri-Parish Picnic. The Bishop has asked us to put forward our individual donations at the picnic and during September to be applied as replenishment of the diocesan Legal Defense Fund. In the memo line of your checks, put “Legal Defense Fund.” For more information about this effort or Strengthening Sanctuary, contact Kathy at Or 360-943-6139