New Enhanced Calendar

Enhanced Calendar on our Website

We made some changes to our online calendar – found through the CALENDAR link on the top row of our website –  It’s larger and includes all the planned special worship, fellowship, and other events and the schedule for outside groups who use our facilities.  If you wish to plan an event or meeting, check the calendar first – then call the office to confirm with Larry.

Book Discussion begins Feb 6th

The book group will be starting our new book on Feb 6.  Our new book is Into the Beautiful North: a novel by Luis Alberto Urrea.

There are almost no men in the village because they all have gone north to the US.  She decides to go north and recruit men to return to her village to repopulate and protect her hometown. Come and join the reading and discussion of topic we are faced with today.

We meet every Wednesday at 11am. Everyone is welcome.

And the Epiphany Winners are...


Coin=to invest and create growth for next year--Mary Michael

Ring=King or Queen and responsible for the King's cake for the next year--unclaimed

Thimble=to perform some creative activity for the next year--Mark

Cross=pray for special needs and do a lenten study program of their choosing--Spencer

Button=perform a service for some charity, group, or individual in need--Mabry

Heart=perform acts of kindness for someone in need throughout the year--unclaimed

If you found one of these tokens in your cake let Spence know.

Pear Blossom Place: How we can support the children in the center

Don’t wait for Christmas! 

Each time we make a delivery to the family shelter—Pear Blossom Place --- they express their appreciation of SBC’s steady offerings!  We will keep the basket on the foyer ongoing.  But I recently asked how we could specifically support the children in the shelter.  There are twenty! Mostly babies to 9. Here is the updated request!

“Needs for our kiddos at shelter... new socks and underwear are always needed. As we approach colder weather we need warm hats, gloves, scarves for adults and kiddos. Books are always needed to restock our bookshelves. 

We always need toys at shelter. We prefer non character based ones (so we try to avoid Disney/Cartoon characters etc) whenever possible. We have a play kitchen that probably always needs a bit of replenishing, larger blocks (rather than small legos), games, small child puzzles (the ones that have max 12 pieces-- wooden ones last much longer than the cardboard type). Dolls, doll clothing. Infant/toddler toys that don't require batteries are good- the worst is when the batteries die! 

Thank you and sending love!!”    Questions?

Sunday School 2018-2019

Dear Parents/Grandparents/Guardians of St. Benedict’s Church Youth,

Welcome to our new school year! We are excited to let you know that Sunday School will resume September 16, 2018.  We will continue with the same format this year with Sunday School taking place during the 10:30 a.m. service from approximately 10:45 – 11:20. We will gather together just before the First Reading begins during the service and teachers will lead students to the classroom. Our teachers this year are Caroline Madden, Johannah Renfroe and Carla Whiting teaching the elementary and middle school students, ages 4-12 twice per month.  Older children are welcome to join in as teachers, if they like! 

Sunday School, Ages 4-12

This year we will use Seasons of the Spirit, a lectionary-based curriculum design for a multi-age group.  We will also engage the youth in a year-long activity to “Build a Church” where they will help us build and decorate a church structure in the Sunday School room.  Various lessons throughout the year will integrate our building to the Scripture in a truly fun and memorable way!

Acolyte Program

For the Sundays when the children will not gather for Sunday School, they are invited to participate as acolytes and serve on the altar with Father Ed and the other ministers.  Please contact Fr. Ed and Paul Conroy for more details.

Youth Bible Study

At this point, Youth Bible Study will not meet on Sunday morning this year; however, if your child has interest, please let Johannah Renfroe know so she can continue to monitor and gauge the needs among our youth.

As always, parents are welcome to join any class and participate.  We will also open the classrooms to any member of the congregation who would like to lead a lesson and who has completed the Safeguarding God’s Children training. If you have an idea or need the training, please speak to Johannah Renfroe.

If you have any questions about the plan for the 2018-2019 school year, please email Johannah Renfroe at

For God’s Kids,

Johannah Renfroe, Caroline Madden & Carla Whiting

A full schedule can be found in the Sunday School tab on the home page.

Being part of the Diocese of Olympia Legal Defense Fund

Members of St Benedict’s have joined St. John’s and others in the community to actively support immigrant rights in various ways.  Twice a month the Strengthening Sanctuary group meets at St. Johns, and several of us from these two churches are active members of the group

The Diocese has had a Legal Defense fund which was established by Bishop Rickel earlier this year. It has been available to any congregation in the Diocese.  In fact several months ago, at the request of Strengthening Sanctuary, R.C. advocated for financial assistance from the Diocese Legal Defense Fund for an undocumented woman’s rent and some legal expenses. Recently Bishop Rickel called for additional donations, as the fund has become dangerously low. Over this last year, St. John’s has donated $2500 from their outreach funds. Social Justice from SBC will be asking for $500 to be provided to the Diocesan Legal Defense fund at the Tri-Parish Picnic. The Bishop has asked us to put forward our individual donations at the picnic and during September to be applied as replenishment of the diocesan Legal Defense Fund. In the memo line of your checks, put “Legal Defense Fund.” For more information about this effort or Strengthening Sanctuary, contact Kathy at Or 360-943-6139

Our Social Justice Outreach

Recently, St. Benedict's Bishop's Committee supported some much needed repairs to the Salvation Army Community Kitchen. There was a request to the Interfaith Works group for support to this critical resource to the homeless and needy folks in the greater Olympia area.    They serve 12,000 meals per month which is ~145,000 meals annually. 

However, the kitchen itself is badly deteriorating. The microwave is broken beyond repair and has been hauled off. The ice machine is also dead. Two of the deep sinks leak water onto the floor. The thermostat does not work in the warming oven. The dishwasher does not have a water pre-heater so you have to trick it to get the water up to a sanitary temp. The seal on the walk-in cooler is shot so warm air leaks in and cool air leaks out. One of the dining tables is broken. The light in the walk-in freezer does not work properly.   We provided $1500 from our Outreach Fund – we are all about feeding the hungry!   
We learned this week that St. Mike's matched the $1500 from St. Benedict's!  So the contribution from St. Benedict's has doubled! How wonderful when a gift grows! They commit to sharing progress made to repair/refurbish the Community Kitchen.   Lessons in interfaith collaboration, charity and abundance!

For more information See Our SOCIAL JUSTICE tab at the top of the page or contact Kathy Baros Friedt.