Safe Schools, Safe Communities, Initiative 1639 9:15 this Sunday


Safe Schools, Safe Communities, Initiative 1639:  On this coming Sunday at 9:15AM Martha Liska will give a presentation about this important gun safety initiative.  She will share the contents of the initiative; highlights are:  raise the semi-automatic assault weapon purchase age to 21, create enhanced background checks, establish waiting period before the purchase. Martha and Collie will be gathering petition signatures after each service this Sunday. The goal for now is to ensure that this initiative is on the November voter ballet.  Signatures need to be collected before June 30th.  Our Vicar has approved this presentation and signature gathering at church. 

Poor People's Campaign begins May 14

The Poor People’s Campaign is a national call for moral revival.  Bringing people together across the country in a coordinated and nonviolent collective, organizing to build a broad and deep national moral movement. Led by the poor, impacted, clergy and moral agents. (Information is also posted in the fellowship hall, Social Justice bulletin board.)

There will be 40 days of moral action where persons from around the state will come to rally on the steps of the Capitol in Olympia. Six sequential Mondays, beginning  May 14th. 2:00 – 3:00.  Each Monday highlighting different themes, with speakers affected in that week’s theme.

Monday May 14 – Child poverty, women, and persons with disabilities

Monday May 21 – Linking systemic racism and poverty. Voting rights. Immigration, xenophobia, islamophobia, and mistreatment of indigenous communities.

Monday May 28 – The War Economy. Militarism and the proliferation of gun violence.

Monday June 4   -- The Right to Health and a Healthy Planet.

Monday June 11 – Everybody’s got a right to live. Education, living wage, jobs, income, housing

Monday June 18 -  A new and unsettling force. Confronting the distorted moral narrative.

Members of St Benedict Episcopal Church are invited to attend one or many of the Mondays. Capitol campus. 2:00--3:00.

We are guided NOT to make political statements or reference any particular individual, but to focus on policies and systems as they affect the poor.  Thank you. 

Kathy Baros Friedt, Social Justice Ministry.   360-259-3864

Thurston Gun Sense

News Flash: you may have already heard but just yesterday the Alliance for Gun Responsibility announced a ballot initiative that will:

1. Raise the minimum purchase age to 21 for all semi-automatic weapons.

2. Create an Enhanced Background Check at the time of purchase

3. Ensure continued eligibility to possess or purchase an assault weapon

4. Require informed consent at the point of purchase about the inherent risks associated with the presence of a firearm in the home

5. Establish a waiting period up to 10 days for the purchase of an assault weapon

There's a lot more information on the Social Justice tab at the top of the website.  

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