Bishop's Committee Minutes, August 13, 2019

August 13, 2019

Bishop’s Committee Meeting

St. Benedict Episcopal Church

Present: Paul Seabert, Vicar’s Warden; Gretchen O’Connor, People’s Warden; BC Members Mary-Michael Garlichs, Bob Knudson, Ralph Provencal, and Jeff Zahir; Fr. Ed Lovelady, Vicar; Fran Frodsham, Co-Treasurer; Mitch Gordon, Buildings and Grounds supervisor; Spencer Daniels, Clerk to the BC. BC Members absent: Gen Gordon, Doretha Mowrey, Mary Raines. The meeting was opened in prayer at 6:35 p.m.

Minutes: M/S/P to approve the minutes of the July 11, 2019, BC meeting as written.

Treasurer’s Report: We are still doing well financially. M/S/P to approve the treasurer’s report.

Vicar’s Report: Two new couples have begun attending the 8:00 a.m. service, one of whom is interested in newcomer classes. St. B is sponsoring an arts and crafts fair on November 23 and 24, inviting our fellow Episcopal congregations, Holy Wisdom, Sacred Heart, and St. Andrews to participate. It is not a church fund-raiser and no commercial vendors will be allowed. Lunch will be provided. Fr. Ed would like to have BC members do the announcements at the start of services. Ralph suggested BC members wear their badges on Sunday. Mitch recommended putting a list of the ministries and their contacts in the bulletin. Fr. Ed will do this periodically. The parish organizational meeting was attended by at least 57 members (who signed the sign-in sheet). When the clerk prepares the minutes, Fr. Ed will forward these to the diocese. Then the only remaining thing is to get the articles of incorporation back from the State.

Building and Grounds: Mitch introduced himself as the new building and grounds supervisor and reviewed the items on his report. One part on the handicap door openers was mis-ordered and will have to be re-ordered. The opener will open both the outer and inner doors. Also, we will lessen the tension on the doors in the restrooms. Lots of stuff in the storage unit, etc. needs to be sorted through and cleaned out. Ralph suggested tearing down the old chair racks in the storage unit and placing the food bank food and materials there. The yard sprinkler system had been shut down a couple years ago—should a new one be installed? Gutter repair will be around $400; Fr. Ed said to go ahead. Mitch will make sure he is registered as our contact with the fire alarm company. Ralph indicated two new roof leaks. Mitch will talk to Don LaFord about this. The ladies’ restroom has one handicap toilet. We will install another one if any of the other toilets ever needs replacing.

Financial Policies: The BC discussed the proposed financial policies. M/S to amend item 1 from “prior” year to “current” year—motion failed. M/S to make item 1 a goal only—motion failed. M/S/P to approve the financial policies as written. Fr. Ed will forward materials about the Snyder fund to the finance committee. Ralph indicated he tried to contact members of the Snyder family a while back without success.

Thermostats: New thermostats will be $2,986. We should get a $200 rebate on each, for $800. They will have an override feature and should reduce costs in the long run. M/S/P to purchase the new thermostats.

Charter bus to convention: Bob is still working on arranging this.

Becoming a H-P free church: The BC discussed becoming a H-P (Hewlett-Packard) free church. After considerable discussion, the BC took no action. It will review the website to become better informed and will talk to the community and revisit the issue next month.

Lector/Eucharistic Ministers Coordinator: Mark Caldwell will be leaving this position. Fr. Ed will find a replacement.

Good of the Order/Events: September 21—U.N. Day of Peace at Sylvester Park with Interfaith Works Vigil at 3:00 p.m. September 1—Tri-Parish Picnic. Fr. Ed will be the preacher. St. John’s is providing the meat, grills, and bulletins. The Bishop is still on sabbatical. Jeff noted a recent outbreak of hepatitis. We should be diligent in using gloves in preparing and serving food.

The meeting was adjourned in prayer at 8:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Spencer W. Daniels, Clerk