Bishop's Committee Minutes, May 14, 2019

May 14, 2019

Bishop’s Committee Meeting

St. Benedict Episcopal Church

Present: Gretchen O’Connor, People’s Warden; BC Members Mary-Michael Garlichs, Gen Gordon, Bob Knudson, Doretha Mowrey, Mary Raines, and Jeff Zahir; Fr. Ed Lovelady, Vicar; Fran Frodsham and Don LaFord, Co-Treasurers; Spencer Daniels, Clerk to the BC.  BC Members absent: Paul Seabert (ill) and Ralph Provencal (traveling).  The meeting was opened in prayer at 6:40 p.m.

Minutes: M/S/P to approve the minutes of the April 9, 2019, meeting.

Treasurer’s Report:   Fran reviewed the various diocesan funds.  She will provide a description of each of the funds.  We are doing well on income and are $25,064 to the good.  We have a new renter—a sewing guild that will meet once a month.  M/S/P to approve the treasurer’s report.  The PSE bill went up because of raised rates.

Vicar’s Report:  We will schedule a parish organization meeting between services sometime in August or September.  Fr. Ed has not heard of any concerns about our application for parish status, although Jeff indicated he had heard there were some while at a diocesan meeting.  Fr. Ed will check on this.

Building and Grounds:  The parts have been ordered for the ADA door opener.  Parts are being ordered for sprinkler and fire alarm maintenance.

Finance Committee Recommendations:  The BC considered several recommendations from the finance committee and acted as follows: M/S/P to leave $60,000 in the checking account and to transfer the remaining funds to the General Fund DIF (diocesan investment fund) (Recommendation 1); M/S/P to transfer funds in the checking account over $60,000 at the end of each quarter to the General Fund DIF (Recommendation 2); M/S/P that the treasurer notify the diocesan treasurer that interest from DIF investments are to be reinvested and not paid out.  (Recommendation 5).  Recommendation 3, to take $15,000 from the low interest Money Market fund and transfer it to the General Fund DIF and to have  the treasurer determine why the Money Market account was opened and to have the finance committee reconsider closing the account, was tabled pending information about closing the account totally.  Committee recommendation 4 became moot.

Chaplains on the Harbor:  Fran presented a proposal to buy shares in the Harbor Roots CSA (community supported agriculture) being set up by Chaplains on the Harbor in Aberdeen.  M/S/P to accept the proposal and buy two shares ($1,000 total).  The produce will be delivered monthly the week of the St . B community dinner and be used for the dinner and the food bank.

Good of the Order/Reports:  Doretha—will be providing ice cream and brownies to celebrate the anniversary of Tony’s becoming a deacon; Mary-Michael—the pastoral care team is presently seeing one person, the altar guild is doing fine but needs a meeting soon and may be adding a member; Gretchen—thanks to those who assisted on Sunday when Fr. Ed was unavailable.  Fr. Ed is preparing a customary for the future; Bob—wife Karen is recovering from appendicitis and has planted dahlias for future altar guild use; Gen—doctors are still diagnosing husband Mitch.  The nursery room needs a thorough cleaning; Fr. Ed—the plans for vacation bible school (camp) are going well.  Adult volunteers (and kids of course) are needed.  Andrew Sloan is leaving Saturday for New York City.

The meeting was adjourned in prayer at 8:24 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Spencer W. Daniels, Clerk to the Bishop’s Committee