Bishop's Committee Minutes, June 11, 2019

June 11, 2019

Bishop’s Committee Meeting

St. Benedict Episcopal Church

Present:  Paul Seabert, Vicar’s Warden; Gretchen O’Connor, People’s Warden; BC members Gen Gordon, Bob Knudson, Doretha Mowrey, Mary Raines, and Ralph Provencal; Fr. Ed Lovelady, Vicar; Fran Frodsham, Co-Treasurer; and Spencer Daniels, Clerk to the BC.  BC members absent: Mary-Michael Garlichs and Jeff Zahir.  The meeting was opened in prayer at 6:30 p.m.

Minutes:  M/S/P to approve the minutes of the May 14, 2019, BC meeting as written.

Treasurer’s Report:  We are still doing very well.  There is about $73,380 in the bank account.  The balance sheets for some accounts had errors, which Fran is correcting and will make available for the August meeting.  We should have no more diocesan assessments for the year and should get some money back.  The money ($1,100) has been sent to Harbor Roots and we are awaiting information about when the produce will start being delivered.  Lights were left on again.  The BC discussed how to avoid unnecessary expenses for lights, heat, etc.  M/S/P to approve the treasurer’s report.

Vicar’s Report:  Fr. Ed continues to be in communication with the diocese regarding our becoming a parish.  The Christian day camp is proceeding, with Jan Akin looking for a musician.  Discussed having a play area for kids at some point.  This needs lots of planning, consultation about insurance, etc.  We have updated our licenses for church music to include the songs we actually use.  Bulletin images come from Google (i.e., are in the public domain).  Supply clergy for Fr. Ed’s vacation have been arranged, with BC members giving the welcome and announcements.  The customaries have been sent to the supply clergy and are also in the Sacristy.  The bulletin board by the columbarium is looking shoddy and will be removed.  The BC will not meet in July but will circulate the usual reports.

Building and Grounds:  The ADA door opener should be here in a week and then it takes a week or so to install.  Fr. Ed would also like to loosen the tension on the restroom doors.  We are waiting scheduling of the fire alarm and sprinkler inspections.  With respect to a new thermostat, we are looking to determine what is compatible with the heat pump and also what would qualify for a rebate from PSE.  We will be receiving a quote for the device and installation.  Gen is organizing a group to do weeding of the grounds, which is not included in our yard maintenance contract.

 Money Market Account:  The money market account has been closed.  M/S/P to put $10,000 in the New Beginnings DIF and the rest in the General Fund DIF.

Financial Policies:  The proposed financial policies are being reviewed by the Finance Committee and will be presented later.

Reports/Good of the Order:  Paul—Social Justice Committee:  community summit on June 17.  The committee will sponsor the fees if anyone wants to attend.  Lacey will have a “council on the road” on June 20 at the Salish Middle School to discuss homelessness.  Mary—the toilets in the ladies’ room are standard height, except the middle one is lower (for children).  Fr. Ed—the wardens have authority when Fr. Ed is gone.  Next meeting will be August 13.  The meeting was adjourned in prayer at 7:31 p.m.

 Respectfully submitted, Spencer W. Daniels, Clerk.