Bishop's Committee Minutes, April 9, 2019

April 9, 2019

Bishop’s Committee Meeting

St. Benedict Episcopal Church

Present:  Paul Seabert, Vicar’s Warden; Gretchen O’Connor, People’s Warden; BC Members: Mary- Michael Garlichs, Gen Gordon, Bob Knudson, Doretha Mowrey, Ralph Provencal, and Mary Raines; Fr. Ed Lovelady, Vicar; Fran Frodsham and Don LaFord, Co-treasurers; Spencer Daniels, Clerk to the BC.  BC Member absent:  Jeff Zahir.  The meeting was opened in prayer at 6:30 p.m.

Minutes: M/S/P to approve the minutes of the March 12, 2019, BC meeting, with the correction that Ralph is not liaison to building and grounds.

Treasurer’s Report:  We are doing well.   We were $17,328 below budget to date.  Income is well above expenses.  We received a check back from the diocese for $7800 for overpaid assessments.  We may look to investing more money in the diocesan investment fund (DIF).  The Snyder fund, originally to pay off the mortgage, can now be used for building improvements, since the mortgage is paid off.  Fran will provide information on each of our designated funds.  Fr. Ed will work on streamlining the funds.  Bob noted that under federal tax changes, some members may be giving two years’ worth of offering in December of Year 1.  M/S/P to approve the treasurer’s report.

Vicar’s Report:  St. John’s is doing the Great Vigil of Easter this year.  St. Benedict is doing a Pentecost Picnic on June 9 after services.  A defibrillator will be installed in the narthex and we will arrange for training in its use.  Diocesan development grants are now available.  We will no longer be advertising in the JBLM base publications as this has not proven cost-effective.

Building and Grounds:  Paul received one bid of $8600 to install ADA compliant door openers.  He will see if he can get other competitive bids.  M/S/P to approve installing the openers based on the best bid received.  The building and sidewalks are being pressure washed.  The gutter that came down during the storm will be repaired.

Finance Committee:  M/S/P to approve the finance committee charter as amended.  M/S/P to approve resolution appointing finance committee members.

Columbarium Policy:  M/S/P to approve the columbarium policy, leaving it to the vicar to determine who qualifies as extended family.  Fr. Ed noted that there is information on how we do sacraments on the website and that we do not deviate much from the form of services in the prayer book.

Seminarian Financial Assistance:  M/S/P to approve $2000 from the general fund for Andrew Sloan’s summer program.

Reports:  Paul—still needs to find a building person.  Fr. Ed suggested a job description would be helpful.  Gretchen—has drafted operating instructions for making coffee and running the dishwasher (sanitizer).  Ralph—make sure any cinder blocks being used as door stops are moved aside after use to prevent tripping.  Mary—Saturday Sisters is in the process of defining its mission better.  The Busy Bees are working on the June Jumble at St. John’s.  They may consider a name change.  Mary-Michael—the pastoral care committee reached out to one person lately.  Mary-Michael attended the memorial service for Mike Flothe at The Firs.  A new person has been found to replace Mike in sending out cards.  The altar guild is doing fine.  Fr. Ed—health is still unstable.  Fr. John has been very helpful.

The meeting was adjourned in prayer at 7:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Spencer W. Daniels, Clerk to the Bishop’s Committee