Bishop's Committee Minutes, March 12, 2019

Bishop’s Committee Meeting

St. Benedict Episcopal Church

Present:  Paul Seabert, Vicar’s Warden; Gretchen O’Connor, People’s Warden, BC Members Mary-Michael Garlichs, Gen Gordon, Doretha Mowrey, Ralph Provencal, Mary Raines, and Jeff Zahir; Fran Frodsham, Co-Treasurer; Spencer Daniels, Clerk to the BC.  Absent: Fr. Ed Lovelady, Vicar (ill), and BC Member Bob Knudson.  The meeting was opened in prayer at 6:40 p.m.

Minutes:  M/S/P to approve the minutes of the January 8. 2019. BC meeting as written.

Treasurer’s Report:  We are ahead of the budget by $6,495 to date.  There is over $83,000 in the checking account, and over $25,000 in the money market fund.  Fran suggested moving $10,000 from the money market fund to the New Beginnings diocesan investment fund (DIF).  The BC will consider this next meeting.

Vicar’s Report:  Fr. Ed’s written report noted slow but steady growth in attendance.  There was a good attendance at the Safeguarding God’s Children presentation.  All materials for the parish status have been submitted and we are just waiting for further direction from the diocese.

Building and Grounds:  Responsibility for building and grounds has returned to Paul, who still needs relief.  A couple more items from the facility maintenance plan have been completed.  The ADA door opener is awaiting the locksmith, who has been very busy.

Finance Committee Charter:  The BC discussed the draft finance committee charter.  Fran suggested a change from “periodic” to “monthly” in the passage about ensuring that complete records are maintained and monitored.  She also suggested that the committee designate one member to do reconciliation, rather than having the whole committee involved.  Consideration of the charter was tabled to the next meeting when Fr. Ed could be present.

Columbarium Use Policy:  A question was raised as to the extent of “immediate family members.”  For example, do uncles qualify?  The BC will finalize at the next meeting.

BC Members as observers/liaisons with church ministries.  The BC noted those BC members who were listed in the agenda as being the observers to certain of the church ministries.  The reference in the agenda to “hospitality” should be correct to Doretha, with hospitality meaning the hospitality guilds.  Gretchen will be the liaison for the community dinner.  Additional BC members who volunteered at the meeting were: Mary—Food Bank; Mary—Saturday Sisters; Paul—Book Group; and Ralph—Building and Grounds.   It was suggested referring to the list of ministries that Fr. Ed distributed earlier to ensure that all ministries are covered.

There was no good of the order reports.  The meeting was adjourned in prayer at 7:45 p.m.  Following the meeting Paul led the new BC members on a tour of the church.

Respectfully submitted,

Spencer W. Daniels

Clerk to the Bishop’s Committee